28 Aug


I had a very very quiet weekend, mainly because my house phone decided to stop working.  Of course it neglected to let me know exactly when, but late Sunday evening when I accidentally pressed the ‘on’ button and there was no sound my curiosity was peaked. At first I thought it might be low battery, so stood it in the cradle and thought no more of it, when I went to bed I tried the bedroom handset and that too could locate no dial tone.  Hmm, curiouser and curiouser I say.  The next morning I unplugged everything and then plugged it all back in again, still no dial tone.  I changed the line filter thingy-me-bob, no change.  As my internet is unaffected I am [dangerously] assuming it is phone and not the line.

It would happen this weekend, it could not let itself be discovered Friday or Saturday when I have an army of car equipped helpers, no it happens the weekend when only one helper is available and he is trying to wallpaper.  Still it is not exactly urgent and I have my mobile for emergencies and texting, the internet is fine so I am entertained [sort of].  It is just down right bugger-up-some, trying to decide which phone i want, which will not be upset by wifi signals, which has the features I do want and do not want and finally how much i am prepared to pay.

As I was unplugging and plugging about the room it struck me how utterly electric dependant we have become.  When I moved into my dusty hovel twenty years ago there were the tv and VCR and a hi-fi plugged in, three sockets, today there is the tv, VCR, set-top box, free standing crafting lamp, desk lamp, computer, printer, router and the telephone. Nine items, add the spare socket for recharging the mobile or iPad and that makes it 11, almost a 400% increase

The bedroom is as bad, when I first moved in there was just the radio [alarm clock was battery operated], but today there is the bedside phone, bedside light, the radio, the alarm clock and the electric blanket, from 2 [if you include the clock] to 5, a 150% increase.  I am not a hair accessory user so no hair dryer, curlers or straightener.

The kitchen has faired the best, there is still the kettle and the toaster, but now there is the microwave, no other electric driven addition [I am discounting fridge, washer, oven, hob], just a 50% increase.

I have often thought, turn off the power and we are at the mercy of whomever takes charge.

Check in tomorrow guys …. I will need your opinion on something

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One response to “Shocking!!

  1. Bushka

    August 28, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    :yes: Quite remarkable how dependent we have become on ‘Essential Services’…like electriciy, gas, water, sewage, waste disposal…etc…:roll: Hope you can get sorted soon….Hugs! :)x



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