Redo the ToDo

24 Jun


I am someone who makes lists, I list letters to write and emails to send, I list computer work to be done and sewing projects, future hobby style projects, even list the chores to house and self.  I list the various steps of a job especially when it is for one of the web sites.  It does not necessarily make me do them but it does help organise, if I am at the computer and it says ‘recon bank – blog – eBay’, then after doing one job I might glance at the list and think “Oh I can get that done while I am here”. I can be quite satisfying to see the crossing out grow about the paper, and also mildly shameful when the first thing on the first line has not been done and you’re already well down the page.  A typical page looks like this.


Yes, the first item on the first line has not been seen to [contact Tree Office about the preservation order trees].  But this is not my ‘projects list’ the things I have plans for to fill my days, the one off [usually] items that needs organising, sorting, preparing or may take a period of time to do and in general these are the things covered with the projects tag on here.

The last blog post about this project list was back in March – time for a catch-up.

  • FAMILY TREE – previous posts will show I have done quite a lot of work on this recently.  I am at the polishing stages before downloading the files to put on my web site.  It is a project drawing to a close and has been on the go since back in 2004.
  • CROSS STITCH – This has been back-burnered, with crocheting items to sell that has taken greater priority.
  • CROCHET – On task, headbands, fingerless gloves, Victorian neck warmers, my little hooks are steaming 
  • CRAFTY STUFF – I did go through and re-sort, re-store and put away my stuff, but with a suitcase full of wool by the side of the sofa, deposited there by best friend, it is not all out of my way.
  • WEB SITES – I am editing a new video to go on the site, that needs to be done for publishing on the 1st July, so far so good, i am on schedule .  The page on my own site needs refreshing, that is ear marked for next week.
  • HANG PICS – Done, got my sister to wrangle the hammer and the three pics are up in my ‘Hall of Fame’
  • IPAD – Bought it, got it, love it!!  Haven’t really used it for the purpose it was bought, and I am yet to use it for all the wonderous things it can help me with, yes, an expensive tool, but I am worth it
  • VIDEOS & CASSETTES – I have not even begun trying to start this job, it is likely to be the slow long term project that replaces the family tree one, once it is done and dusted.
  • BOOKS – Alas and alack, I have not touched the books beside the bed [well only to dust them] and I know have two on the iPad to read.  I will admit, I am getting very lazy with my reading, I must address that.  Well with the Olympics coming up there will be plenty of time.

So, how shall we grade my report card?  B-  could do better, especially with regular blog reading/posting and book reading.

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One response to “Redo the ToDo

  1. pigpen

    July 17, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    I get so disgusted with myself for being disorganized.
    No matter what I do I just can not get my shit together.
    I think I would be happier if I just gave up trying!



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