So the Jubilee will kill the economy?

06 Jun


Sometimes, and sadly becoming increasingly so, I get utterly infuriate at some of the blame-game reporting of so called big wigs.  Some over paid over bonus induced suit who believes the utter drivel that spurts forth from their gob, banging on how disastrous to the economy something is.  Probably that cheese cake I bought is the sole reason for the double dip recession.  What tripe.

Once it was announced that to commemorate HMQ’s Diamond Jubilee there would be an extra Bank Holiday the economy opinionators have been moaning on about how this extra day would cause the economy to dip so deep down into the recession that it could take a decade or more to recover from.  Well they can take their red-white-and-blue hand-made using jubilee-induced-shopping cup cake and plug their darned cake hole.

The Daily Mail/Wail has a story that this one extra day will cost the Uk £6 billion in lost productivity … … so according to this type of person [who has too much time on their hands, maybe the three directorships and consultancy jobs are slow] the Uk’s annual productivity value is 365 days, minus 104 for weekends, minus 8 for usual Bank Holidays, leaving 253 productivity days @ £6bil per day, gives a grand total for annual productivity of £1,518 billion …….. no mention of whether this figure is near the truth or not, but hey why let facts get in the way of a good story.

Yesterday the Daily Mail had a blurb at the bottom on a couple of their Jubilee articles that give some interesting thoughts on what has/had been bought for this extended weekend.

46 million Waitrose strawberries … feel sorry for the cow that has to produce the cream!
10 million Union Flags … their fact checker was awake and named it correctly for once
6 million parties … they did not specify ‘street’ parties, but wow thats some party
1 million pairs of ‘Union Jack’ Socks … I spoke too soon, lol, from just Asda
295,000 bottles of champagne at Sainsbury’s over the weekend – lovely bubbly
200,000  M&S Jubilee teacakes and 50,000 tins of Jubilee Biscuits
93,000 paper crowns and tiara’s from Tesco and enough face paint to paint 1 million little faces
3,100 Jubilee gnomes from B&Q
10,500 Jubilee cushions from B&Q

It is estimated that enough bunting was purchased to stretch from London to California [now there is an idea].

It is impossible to quantify all that has been spent over the weekend, from the millions of people travelling to the Capital, train, coach tickets, fuel, taxi’s, ungrounded and busses.  They all need to eat and drink, thousands bought picnic hampers, tents, sleeping bags, folding seats.

Practically everyone had a Jubilee inspired hat, flag, clothing item, scarf, umbrella etc.

For the multitudes of us who were at home, how many bought something [even if it was just a jubilee port pie – guilty as charged] as ‘something nice’ for the weekend.

The economist estimated it as a ‘mere’ £700 million.

I doubt that the spending is over … there are likely to be commemorative publications of the weekend, even dvd of the flotilla or concert, downloaded copies of the song “Sing”, and the feel good factor is priceless as we all merrily skip back to the daily rain soaked drudge that keep the economists in his plush desk chair.

Speaking of the flotilla, here is a snagged snap from the Jubilee Sailing Trust, made me smile a little prouder.



That is the Gloriana moored alongside the TS Tenacious that was opposite where HMQ and the HRH’s watched the flotilla.
Two modern day vessels nodding to the traditions of old.

TS Tenacious was built by the Jubilee Sailing Trust, an organisation set up by a grant from the Silver Jubilee Charitable Foundation, she along with her sister ship STS Lord Nelson take able an disabled, young and old and ethnically diverse people to sea, to sail, to work together towards a common goal, getting from A to B.  It is an ethos much missing from dry land and I have loved every minute of every moment I have been aboard these ships, whether in a force 9 across the Biscay or docked alongside stewarding a Port Visit.



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2 responses to “So the Jubilee will kill the economy?

  1. Bushka

    June 6, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    Looks like many people enjoyed all the celebrations…despite the weather – and the expense…;) Hugs! :)xx


    • amgroves

      June 6, 2012 at 4:57 pm

      Yes it did … put me in mind of numerous other Royal occasions that had that feel good factor.



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