A Royalist I am

02 Jun



Jubilee 60 years flag

I am an unashamed royalist, and I would be flag waving this weekend if I could have physically managed it.  I’d be the type who would want to dress all red, white and blue in out landish fashion, but my inhibitions would win and I’d be modestly demure.  I could easily see myself becoming overwhelmed by the sense and atmosphere of the occasion.  I’ve seen members of the family a number of times, maybe it is my historical sense of curiosity but I am fascinated, but my dream job of jobs would have been working in a stately home of a title personage in some capacity [knowing my luck sh1t shovelling, well someone has to].

I believe they do a great deal for this countries worldwide publicity. I think tourists visit places like London and Windsor, Sandringham etc more so for a Royal connection than visit places like The Kremlin, The White House, or wherever the Frenchies put their top men etc.  Maybe somewhere in our souls we are fascinated by tales of Knights and Princes rescuing their princessly damsels.  Or it maybe that there is such a continuity of history, who else can trace back that far.

Every family has its controversy, its break from tradition or moral norm.  History shows the Dukes and Earls of the past were not white as white.  Go back to the ‘Howards’ so embroiled in the Tudor times, such engineering and political agendas.  The aspects of the first world war, which to some degree was cousin fighting cousin [love that scene in the Lost Price where the Privy member is naming all the gathered clansmen and their titles].  I believe both Diana and Sarah were used and abused by ‘The Establishment’ and their husbands did not have the back bone to protect, defend or be honest.  The king-makers felt they knew what was best as per protocol, when really things needed to adapt and change as they always have done.  When the Princess Elizabeth married Prince Phillip they were stationed in Malta and she was a naval officers wife for two years, unimpeded by ‘the establishment’, left to be husband and wife, not pap zapped at every opportunity.  Yet when Prince Andrew was posted overseas, Sarah was adamantly refused the opportunity to be posted with him as wife, no she had to stay in England.  Now we know the cruel truth of Dina’s marriage [essentially a rent-a-womb], she and Charles were not forded the same privilege either, not at all, it was immediately into duty.  William and Catherine have had time to be a coupe together, before tackling the mantel of Royal-dom and all its intrusions.


In the future I think we will see the scaling down of the family.  Once upon a time our Royal Family was essentially just King George, Queen Elizabeth and the two Princesses.  Now we have the Queen and Phillip, 4 children with 4 spouses, 8 grandchildren and 3 spouses, and two great-grandchildren, this does not include HMQ’s cousins … this list will continue to grow.

Continuity has been a word much associated with HMQ, yet really it is a shifting continuity, things change, demands change, accepted normals change, and she had headed those changes.  We are far more aware of the family members, far more aware of their methods, it is striking that fine balance between over familiarity and respect.  If you are a Facebook-er the daily Court Circular which details the business of each Royal member makes for fascinating reading.

Elizabeth II has been such a gracious, dutiful and diligent lady.  I am heartened to see how this country has decided to celebrate this diamond jubilee.  I will be watching the Pageant tomorrow, especially the vessels in the Parade of Sail, looking out for Tenacious the tall ship I sailed on in 2004.

Congrats Your Maj, give yourself a medal!


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4 responses to “A Royalist I am

  1. la_spice

    June 2, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    A lovely post …. enjoy every moment ~x~


  2. Bushka

    June 2, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    enjoy the week-end Ann…I know you will to the best of your ‘physical’ ability…..Hugs! :)xx


  3. Penny Lane

    June 3, 2012 at 3:23 am

    The Beatles thought the Queen had a nice rack, (boobies).


  4. deleted user

    June 3, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    Hope you enjoyed watching the flotilla, shame about the weather. I must admit I turned the tv on for a couple of minutes and thought, Oh, some boats on a river ! Some of tomorrow night’s Jubilee concert should be good though.
    Isn’t it cold on the north sea coast today ?



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