Oops, best made plans and so forth

23 Apr

As  changeable  as  the  weather 

Oh gosh where to start!  So often I have thought, must blog, must blog, I had desires to catch up, wondering how Spicey was getting on after her bereavement, getting lost in Bushka’s wonderful photos, mussing over ColdSouthwoldian’s posting of tv and current affairs, but my moods and energy levels have been as changeable as the weather.

My conscientiousness renders me forlorn, as if I am letting my fellow bloggers down.  Daft init?  Or a marker of my personality.

Lets see if I can briefly summarise my past few weeks.

My chum Kim paid a flying visit for a couple of days, ostensibly to start sewing together the 216 granny squares of the scrap friendship blanket we have been crocheting.  We use to spend at least two days a week together when she lived 30 miles away, I am a sort of aunty to her girls and love the action and activity.  Now she is some 500+ miles away and life means we cannot get together very often, so it was a wonderful quick break.

Another chum’s uncle has been going through a mini hell, health wise, not helped by the associated media frenzy and zapping paps.  News of deterioration, non public news of critically critical, maybe not tonight, hour by hour, and then signs of life, concerns that the recovery maybe too quick for his frail battered body to cope with.  Dealing with the emails of “would you care to quote”, I’d have liked to say F*** off leave the family alone, but cannot do that, must do the smile and nod, “No comment, please contact management”.  It is a stress roller coaster, which will hopefully ease off now.

My nephew and his wife have been looking to buy their first property.  Their landlords want to sell and were asking a silly price for it, well it would be worth that if the £15K’s worth of work had already been done.  Anyway they saw somewhere and had their offer accepted .. woohoo.  Heck have things changed in the two decades since I bought my place, there are loads more smaller hoops to jump through, paper work to understand and stuff to do and “Aunty” get the call to figure it out, lol.

I bought my iPad .. it is sitting here on the desk being a sexy radio, pinging when I get facebook/twitter/emails notices.  I have started to learn backgammon, I always wanted to play and now I can. I still use the hints from time to time but quite often beat the computer.

Where I live is a Residents Property Company, it is like a residence association as a limited company, of the 20 something owners hardly any want to get involved or support the work it takes to keep it all bright and sparkly.  It is necessary to have an annual meeting and the other Saturday one was scheduled.  I set up the meeting room in a near by church hall and waited, 3 turned up, then the Father turned up and remarked in brusque manner that the meetings should have been cancelled and that he had turned people away. Great – gotta go through the motions of reorganising and disappointment at the lack of effort of others.

My Sister and I went to see Calendar Girls on stage at the local theatre – it was fabulous!  We laughed and cried at the touching story and the cast [most of whom I recognised] did such a fantastic job of making the performance fresh and vibrant.  The facilities for wheelchair users were superb, even the special seating was to our mind the best seats in the house and their concession most generous.  We have booked to go and see Brian Connolly in Oliver in July and will likely go see the play Haunting Julia in November.  Oh I say, one is feeling rather cultured of late [don’t worry me common self will be ere shortly chuck].

So often I lay in bed I can so easily organise my day .. I think, get up, wash up, make coffee, computer time for catch up, then spend a couple of hours on a project like the family tree, then lunch and after that do a chore before spending a couple of hours working on a stitch project, make dinner and spend the evening as I please ….. not rocket science, right … so how come my day goes eventually get up late, stack dishes make coffee, prat about uselessly on the compy, make lunch, do a chore that cannot be out off [usually dishes or laundry], play games, watch tv, doing bugger all till dinner time, then veg till bed.

I wish I was as wonderful as so many people think I am.


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6 responses to “Oops, best made plans and so forth

  1. Bushka

    April 23, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    That brings us nicely ‘up to date’….’warts and all’…my favourite expression; helps me deal with ‘Best Laid plans…etc..’ 😉
    Ahem! YOU are Simply Wonderful…:yes:
    You certainly live a very busy life…..Phew! Will I be able to ‘keep up’…:oops: 🙄 Hugs! :)xxx


    • amgroves

      April 23, 2012 at 5:05 pm

      LOL Bushka – I can always count on you seeing more in me than I see in myself *kiss*

      There is a quote, phrase or law somewhere about work expanding to fit the time available, it would seem retirement does too, more so, lol. Maybe it is because I am always available, not going out nor having the ties of work or family, I am the person people call because I am just there. Just surmizing.

      Maybe the skill is not to plan, then it gets done by luck and chance and fate has no time to come along and bugger things up – ah-ha, a eureka moment!


      • Bushka

        April 23, 2012 at 5:43 pm

        Excellent….That ‘eureka moment’….:lalala:
        :yes: Retirement DOES seem to have this ‘hapless spin-off’….Illusion of Freedom! ;)xxx


  2. Living-in-a-limited-world

    April 23, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    Show me please this fictional person we all aim to be and none of us are! I’ve been looking for years and everyone I think I have come across always show their flaws. Relax, there is no point beating yourself up for being human 🙂


    • amgroves

      April 23, 2012 at 5:00 pm

      You probably experience it as I do, when people generously comment “Oh I sit there and think, well AM copes so well with her prolems, she is so brave and all I have is …..” and I think, me? cope?? brave??? Wish I was, I’d bemore drien and successful, lol.


  3. Lucy

    May 11, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    You sound like something called a human-being.



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