Clearing the desk [mental & actual]

23 Mar


About three weeks ago I reached a mental point where I felt like the desk above, and my desk felt like the desk above, as too did the draw that pending paperwork gets stuff into.  Too much going on, nothing in its place, none of the tasks were focused, deadlines were approaching, more stuff was threatening to engulf the desk space etc, so I just had to drop everything and go step by step.

Now I am trying to remember what it was that kept me away for, cripes 26 days!!  Somehow the list and paragraphs will sound so weak, lol.

Let me see, a great deal of the time was spent working on the ESA form.  Everyone who currently received Incapacity Benefit is being reassessed and migrated to the Employment Support Allowance, nothing wrong with that, I think that regardless of someone’s medical history regular reassessment is a good thing.  The difficulty comes in a one-size-fits-all form that is going to be read by someone who knows absolutely nothing about how struggling with things affects the writer.  Everything is down to interpretation, which inevitability leads to error.  The questions can be so vague.  Lifting something, they use the example of the small carton of milk, well, I could struggle with that, if the top is on tightly, there is a handle, it is not wet to make it slippery to handle, so how can you put ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when you need to explain.  Is the correct way “yes, but not if …” or “No, unless …”.  I know that reason for the form is to do with viability for seeking work, if I could I would I was financially better off if not totally knackered all the time.  There is little to no connection with aspects of disabled living, as my Sister [who is also my carer] pointed out, I could work full time, but they’d have to pay my carer to come too to move me around, fetch and carry, and take me to the loo etc.

The company contracted to process all these forms, apart from having record numbers appeal and overturn their decision are also approximately four months behind, so I have a lovely four months to wait to find out if I am being forced to look for a job that is not there that I cannot do, while appealing their erroneous decision while managing my usual daily struggles at existing.  The great bulk of all this hassle is squarely at the feet of those who intentionally mislead and fraudulently claim – thanks.

The musician’s web site I care-take has had a busy time.  He performed at a couple of gigs in February, so I was seeking and searching for reviews and blogs, as well as contacting fans and photographers for the necessary permissions to host some of their photos and reviews.  It is surprising how long all the back room work takes, even to staying up past midnight so I could skype with a photographer about the site and photos.  Then there is the putting together of the new pages and photo albums and testing to see that they are correct in the major 3 or 4 web browsers before sending them to the musician for final say, uploading them to the serer and publishing them.  There is an issue, which I may post about another time, to do with some people’s attitudes to web site content, which has me miffed, all riled up and general irritated by.

It is that time of year for the annual residents meeting where I live.  That involves me putting together the financial report and finding the relevant info for the coming years works [that reminds me I need to telephone the local council tree officer about our preservation order tree maintenance]. I am also the sucker I mean secretary who checks all the service charges are paid properly, between Banks cancelling some and double paying others, some people not paying at the right time, it is a nightmare!  Plus, guess who has to do the invites and get them mailed out to the landlords, yeap, me.

There have been some interesting things though, I have seen a number of films and always say to myself afterwards, must blog that but alas and alack, it doesn’t get that far.  A friend asked for my help in selling some items on eBay, it was fun if time consuming researching details of the vintage items for the sales blurb, some sold, some did not.  We were very surprised that her Blythe Kenner circa 1972 doll in original box did not sell, considering its valued at over £2,500 and we were asking £1,500.

So, lets recap the projects list.

  • FAMILY TREE – Had a break through on one twig , need to do one more check on another branch before typing up profiles and sending letters to my Aunt and Uncles and Mum’s cousin to see if they remember any snippet.
  • CROSS STITCH – Still not started anything, not even a four hour mouseloft kit.
  • WEB SITES – The one is fine and dandy for now, got some video work to do for release in a couple of months.  Mine, could do with up-dating the ‘Doing Now’ page, again.
  • JEWELLERY – Not started, but its not like there is any hurry.
  • CLOTHES SORT – yeahhh, this is done, but the charity things have not gone out yet, keep missing them envelope collection days.
  • BOOK OF MYSELF – Not started, thought I might do this alongside the next two items.
  • UPLOAD VIDEOS – I have got the device, just need the chunk of free hours to hook up vcr and record the vids to dvd.
  • UPLOAD TAPES – I have the cable, just need the hours etc.
  • HANG PICS – Yeahhh My Super Sis did this Monday
  • CRAFT STUFF – I have not gone through the stuff to junk what is not needed, tidy and store properly the hibernated projects and related supplies and equipment.
  • CROCHET – Just four last rows to do and all the squares are done.  They, along with the yarn, can then be packed away until my friend visits and ‘we’ start stitching them together.  I can start the broomstick crochet I want to try, which should be incentive to get them last rows done!
  • BOOKS – I have not even moved the beside books to dust around them.
  • iPAD – Well … if all goes to plan … next week I will have an extended demo and hands on have a go and if I can use it, then I intend to buy one, just depends when my Sister can take me to the Apple Store.


I am hoping over the coming weeks I can be better organised and less in demand to be able to spend more time here with my blog buddies.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Spring-like conditions, I may have to turn the heating down a notch, again.



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8 responses to “Clearing the desk [mental & actual]

  1. la_spice

    March 23, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    :wave: Just a little “hello” 🙂


  2. Bushka

    March 23, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Wow! You are a very busy lass…:yes: You are! I stand/sit in awe reading your most longsuffering post about ESA et al….:roll: I have nowt but admiration for you Ann…
    Hope you can get suitably sorted with your ‘desk clearing’ – whatever its nature…:)):)) Hugs! :)x


  3. deleted user

    March 23, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    Always interesting to read your blog but I see that doesn’t feature on your things to do!


    • amgroves

      March 24, 2012 at 1:41 am

      LOL, thats because it is on the daily list, like read emails.


      • deleted user

        March 31, 2012 at 8:33 am

        Good luck with that – with everything else going on here this week, Blog has been somewhat hit and miss


      • amgroves

        March 31, 2012 at 2:17 pm

        Somewhat hit and miss is the best description of my day, lol.



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