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I am quite a fan of the animated family film such as Disney, Dreamworks and alike are famous for producing.  I was not familiar with the tale of Rapunzel, other than the line ” Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair” and knowing she was locked in a tower and obviously had very strong and long hair.

This was a sweet without being sickly little film.  The Queen while giving birth falls ill and a golden flower is used to medicate her and the properties of the flower are there after held i the blonde hair of the baby princess, Rapunzel.  A wicked old woman steals the child so that she can use the hair to keep her young, but if the hair is cut the magic dies, hence the need to keep her locked in a tower. The old woman fills Rapunzels head with stories of the perils and evil ‘out-there’ but every year there is this display of floating lanterns that captivate the princess and she is determined to escape and see this for herself.

Enter the handsome hero, Flynn Rider, o the run for stealing the princess crown from the Palace. Rapunzel strikes a deal with him, he takes her to the lantern show and she will return the crown.  Reluctantly he agrees, and there are a few humorous antics along the way.

Now every movie of this ilk needs the entertaining animal and this film has two, the chameleon, Rapunzel’s pet and only friend, and the white stallion Maximus the Captain of the Guards mighty steed.  Both these characters differ from the norm, in that they don’t speak and they remind us of how much communication is non-verbal.

The old woman tricks Rapunzel by betraying Flynn to the officials and once back at the tower determines to chain and imprisoned her.  Flynn, having now fallen in love with Rapunzel, returns to the Tower to free and rescue his love [awe].  During the ensuing fight the old woman stabs Flynn and as he lays dying Rapunzel agrees to be the old womans captor if she lets her heel Flynn and let him live.  As she begins to heel him, he takes a hard of broken mirror and cuts her hair [if only it were really that easy, one swipe into a perfect bob].  Rapunzel distraught cries over his dying body, her tears fall to his skin and the magic within them restores him to life.  While for the old lady, without the hair  [and cute song] she withers and crumbles to dust.

Rapunzel returns to the Castle, to her parents,and they all live happily ever after [or until the release of Tangled 2 later this year].

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  1. la_spice

    February 5, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    That sounds like fun …. my sort of film!!! :yes:



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