Revolutionary Road

05 Feb


Set in the 1960’s American, two teenagers meet at college with eyes wide to the opportunities of the world.  We meet them again years later,married with two small children at that stage in life where you either go against convention and strive for that dream or put them away forever and become the conservative images of your parents.

Their marriage, while not in its first flush or serious trouble, is tired and strained, he has an affair with a secretary [well more of an afternoon bonk session], she the housewife, the sophisticat small town outsider that has everyone in awe.  An idea hatches that April [Kate Winslet] could earn good money working as a secretary/interpreter for the governments international agencies in Paris [France, not Texas, lol], leaving her husband Frank [Leonardo DiCaprio] bored with his monotonous sales copy position at the same firm his Dad worked at for decades, free to do what his dreamed of, whether it be paint, write or discover himself.

This possibility of adventure and reawakening of old dreams rejuvenates their emotions and passions for each other.  Neighbours and work colleagues are told of their plans, some greet them with envy or disbelief, some with cheers for their friends.  All is coming to fruition until April discovers she is pregnant, a fact she initially does not tell Frank, deciding to self-abort, a procedure that she believes is perfectly safe before 12 weeks.

Frank discovers she is pregnant and here the film changes because both are opened to see how life looks from the others eyes.  For the female 1960 university honours degree student who now looks after a family in the white picket fenced world so far removed from her dreams, slowly growing to resent the actions and blindness of her husband.  He the male provider with the responsibility to take care of, to do the job that maintains the expected life style of their status, where the folly and freedom of youth is gone too soon.

As the adventurous plans for France are moth balled, and the cracks in their marriage left unbridged, unacknowledged, the film reaches its dramatic conclusion ….. for that folks either seethe film, read the book by Richard Yates or google for a spoiler.

Enjoy is probably the wrong word … I was entertained, informed and moved by the film.  It was well cast, well scripted, no unnecessary elements, the sensitive topics were handled well considering the greatly differing perspectives between the 1960’s and modern day.  If it came on tv again, I would watch it again.


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2 responses to “Revolutionary Road

  1. la_spice

    February 5, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    I will look out for this on TV too :yes:

    Thank you :yes:


  2. Miza-T

    February 5, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    That is an amazing review!! Very professional and made me want to watch it now!
    Sounds really good, thank you.



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