Working Backwards …. part 1

21 Jan


Phewww … let me just sit a second and catch my breath.  I know I have been some what in absence for a *coff*few*coff* days, so let me back track.

Last week uber best pal came to stay, fun fun fun indeed.  Back in October she taught me the basics of crochet [I had resisted and refused since we first met 10 years ago, lol, adamant that it was her thing].  She and her daughter had been producing items like faux food, hats, head bands and scarves to sell, funds going towards daughters Uni art supplies fund.  Now daughter has gone to Uni there is less time [and hands] to make the stuff so I volunteered my crippled finger to have a go.  I made a batch of headbands and shock surprise they sold!!  It is rather a surreal feeling knowing a stranger is wearing something I made.

Anyway, pal had a new idea to use her scraps of acrylic yarn, ‘we’ would make a friendship blanket of granny-squares [or great aunt squares in my case, lol].  Three rows, each a different colour, nine identical square batches.  We set to on Saturday afternoon, me as slow as a slug and she as zippy as someone might be after 40 years of crocheting.  By Wednesday we were more than impressed with the piles as they were stacking up along my dresser, we thought about stitching each nine together, then we thought about lucky dipping.  The individual squares would all be put in a bin bag, we would swirl them about and select one and stitch that, making the pattern as random as possible.

To see how it might be she decided to lay them on my bed. She was as quiet as a mouse and after a considered time I called through “Aren’t you done yet?”, lol, she replied that there were more than she expected.  When I waddled my way through, it did look rather impressive as the photo above shows.  There are only 115 there, we had about another 115 to go.  That is our project while we are apart, to keep stitching, then when she comes next time we can start sewing them together and she will crochet a dark edge.

When she got home she called me to say she had found another 100 squares she had started on a different project [lol so typical for her], so we have blanket number 2 on the go!!!  But that one is where each square is the same colour.  When she goes to the States in February she is going to purloin some more supplies [i.e. nab other people’s unwanted spare balls and bring em back].

We will still make the other stuff, but the wool in the Uk is part wool and part acrylic mix, so that will be used for the hats and scarves and things.  I wonder if we can find any way to sell these blankets, we could make small child/baby ones, just over knee ones, or these massive ones.  I know the money received would not truly reflect time spent but so long as it covered wool costs and something to treat ourselves with, that would be good enough.

My current batch is a rather strong orange centre, a vivid multi colour middle and a bright yellow outer.  Each square takes me close to an hour [she twenty minutes] but it has been and I hope will be fun to finish.

Part two to follow [this afternoon, I promise promise]


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3 responses to “Working Backwards …. part 1

  1. Bushka

    January 21, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    Wow! This is fabulous….Love it; so colourful! :)x


    • amgroves

      January 21, 2012 at 5:29 pm

      Thanks Bushka – it will be vivid, striking and certainly memorable.

      When my great nephew gets older he can play ‘Find the nine’ on it 🙂


      • Bushka

        January 21, 2012 at 6:11 pm

        :)):)) Lovely….That should be fun…;)



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