Blocked and Buffered

28 Oct


I am putting myself on report … I have not been diligent in my project duties.  Back in July I blogged a list of things that I had every intention of setting to and then in August in a mad flurry of gusto I completed a couple and started on another.

We are at the end of October and my progress has gone backwards, here was the July list ..

  • Vienna Album – Did it
  • Family Tree – Made a start, but have not stuck to it and I must
  • Cross Stitch – Never even started
  • Get the gadget – Still have not, no excuse either.
  • Make over session – Never did
  • Blue Boxes – Did it 
  • Web Sites – Did it , needs re-tweaking to keep them fresh
  • Jewellery – Never did
  • Clothes –  Never did
  • Autobiography Book – Never did

So that is three done, one half done out of 10, 35% – what is that a C-??

And now we can add the winter jobs ~ might have more luck as most of these involve my Sister.

  • De-junk Under-stairs Cupboard
  • New crockery and mugs, throw out ALL the old
  • De-junk kitchen cupboards
  • De-junk wardrobe and draws
  • Sort and dispose of books, videos, DVD’s
  • Sort, re box, cross stitch/crochet/sewing ‘stuff’
  • Tip old hi-fi, old suitcase, old iron, any other unwanted/unused/working ‘junk’
  • Hang the three photos in Hall [get the hooks]

We are planning … well more like my Sister has decided I am going to help her with … a weekend at the Flea Market, see if we can sell some of our “products awaiting purpose” i.e. junk.

But right now, I am going to put batteries in my bug zapper and fry this damn buzzing bugging fly’s arse


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2 responses to “Blocked and Buffered

  1. la_spice

    October 28, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    Perhaps you need to give yourself a timeframe?

    That said I’m pretty bad at making my ‘to do’ list done!!! 🙄

    Sounds like your sister’s going to organise you though …. have a lovely weekend :wave:


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