Gunslinger – Stephen King

25 Oct


A friend has lent me her Dark Tower series and I have just completed the first one “The Gunslinger”, the series is Stephen King’s foray into fantasy genre and a couple of people had told me that they did not reckon much to the first book but it got a lot better along the series.  So maybe I was not approaching the book with the appropriate mindset.

The ‘plot’ is not altogether clear, the Gunslinger Roland is following/chasing/being led by ‘the man in black’ [through my reading my mind switched from Johnny Cash to Tommy Lee Jones to Will Smith] across a never ending desert, yet somehow he was not in a hurry to catch him.  Roland remained in a dilapidated town, finding comfort in many forms before being hounded out as a possible anti-Christ, crosses this desert always stopping to rest where the MIB had rested a night or two prior.  He finds a small boy at a Way Station and takes him with him on his journey, although I wonder if the addition of this character was a tool to enable discussion between two characters and thus inform the reader of Roland’s past and the alternate ways of his world.

At the desert end there is a lush green woodland before the mountains, the gunslinger has some kind of sexual congress with a mystic sylph en captured within a stone circle before continuing on after MIB.  Through tunnels and tracks carved, chiseled or blasted in the mountain many millennia ago.

When Roland catches the MIB they have a chit chat round a camp fire, and I must admit, i sort of ‘got’ what he was referring to.  What is we are but a blade of grass in the vast universe.  Infinity is not time it is size, magnify anything enough ad you get to atoms and antimatter, electrons and neurons, pull back and cells become things living upon things existing around things.  Is the edge of the universe like the shell of an egg, that when broken through reveals a much greater more vast Universe.  A bit big.

After their chitty banter they sleep, Roland for ten years and when he awakes the MIB is nothing but a sun bleached skeleton.  Off to the next quest and for me that is book two – The Drawing Of The Three.

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