Sums up my day!

28 Sep


Monday was one of “those” sorts of days, not the kind of frustration and annoyance, but more of a peculiar variety of those.

It started with getting dressed.  Knowing that most of my jumpers were waiting in the dryer to be put away I blearily grabbed the first thing from the depleted draw and groaned to myself.  It is that purple jumper, the round neck one with not much give at that round neck that I struggle with and exfoliate my face as I put it on.  Putting on my specs I notice in the still open draw the pink one, that I could have put on far easier if I had noticed/remembered it was there – oh good grief.

Usual morning routine, make the coffee, I filled the kettle, put the sugar and coffee in the mug, started shifting things into the sink and filling it with hot soapy water, putting stuff in the recycling bin.  The kettle clicks off, I put the sugar and coffee in the mug, go to pour in the water and realise I have done it twice – oh good grief.

Important task to do was the notice to the residents where I live [a resident management flats complex, I am the Secretary for my sins].  The resident owners and non-resident landlord owners need to be told of the meeting and the residents and tenants need to be told of the change to the wheelie bin routine.  So I design a notice to fit A5 size then two can be printed per sheet.  I next count to work out how many need bin notice and meeting notice, how many need just bin notice and how many need just meeting notice.  I print off a test page to make sure everything looks hunky dory and to find that hidden typo [there always is one].  Alright that is good to go, there are 15 resident owners and I have just printed off a page of two, that leave 13, yes, print 13 please ….. no, I meant to print 7 sheets of two per sheet, not 13 sheets – oh good grief.

Waste not want not, I decide I can strike through the lines about the meeting, the tenants will get the message, especially if I strike through the lines with two or three lines.  That is what I will do,  All began well, ruler did not wobble, pen did not blotch, three sheets done … pee break … coming back to the desk brain asks “Why not just cut the bottom bit off” – oh good grief.

In the afternoon, I decided to have a cook-in, my grocery had been delivered and I set to making a pot of Somersett Pork and a pot of Chicken Casserole.  I put the two saucepans on the hob, placed the sauce packets in front of them so as not to put the wrong thing in.  Chopped the leeks for the pork, onion for the chicken, mushrooms for both, diced the chicken, tipped in the pork strips added the sauces, stirred and proceeded to cook.  The house smelt mouth watering.  I felt a little pleased at getting straight on with it rather than leave it.  Dishing up time, the one portion freezer tubs at the ready I sunk the ladle into the first pot and wondered why the chicken had leek in it.  I stirred the pork pot and yes there were the chicken lumps.  I had put the pork in the chicken pan and chicken in the pork pan – oh good grief.

Leaving the portions to cool I amused myself in a Big Fish hidden object game.  Oww lost an hour or more, really is time to think about dinner.  I returned to the kitchen turning on the oven to heat up for the fish and chips I was salivating for.  Put the lids on the portions and moved them to the fridge [still too warm for freezing directly], amassed the washing up in the sink [hadn’t I already done this once today], proceeded to clean the counters tops and hob.  Right then, back to the game, off I trundled to my desk.  Then it dawned on me several minutes later, the dinner is not going to cook unless you actually put it in the oven – oh good grief.

Go on, have a giggle, talk about senior moments, I was amused by the day, not angered or despairing.  I have gotten used to not turning the washing machine on after loading in the clothes and putting in the detergent and fabric softener, but Monday was quite something else!

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  1. c1a2c3t4u5s6

    September 28, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    Yup,sounds just like me.



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