02 Sep


I have read a number of books from the Kay Scarpetta series and have always enjoyed the investigatory and inter personnel relationships that run through.  It had been a while since reading one of hers so blagged a few from my Sister’s bookcase.

Without much knowledge of this particular book I began reading, ready to get hooked by its mysteries and complex puzzle of investigation versus criminal act.  I was soon disappointed, everyone seemed to be in a bad mood, Kay was in a bad mood because everyone else was, Lucy was because of her recently diagnosed pituitary gland tumour, Pete was because of medicine side effects and being dumped, Benton was because his clinical study was not getting the specimens he wanted and Joe was because he was a man who held his grudges, hated his bosses, thought he knew better.

This all detracted upon the actual cases being investigated and it all seemed to end rather hurriedly with a reasoning of one person and their multiple personalities.

Some how the imagery did not come through as in other novels, the work did not flow, and often an answer generated more unanswered questions.

Won’t put me off reading any more of her work though.

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One response to “Predator

  1. la_spice

    September 2, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    We’re hoping to start a book club over on “Our Place” sometime soon. I hope you’ll join in.

    Perhaps you could recommend a few suitable books?



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