Projecting Progress

03 Aug


I have awarded myself two stars – aren’t I the lucky girl!!

At the beginning of July I posted about the list of projects that need attention that  have let slip.  Well in truth it all started when something was posted on FaceBook to which I replied that “Project D has been on the back burner so long, it has got crispy edges” .. so I listed some of the things that I could be getting on with rather than not.

So how have I done a month later.

The Vienna album is finished … yeah … took a little over a week, but all the photos have been trimmed and stuck into the book, the name, artists and year of the paintings we saw at the Belvedere Palace had been sourced [I borrowed a few copies from da tinternet].  The programme for the recital trimmed, the recitals observations and memories, especially when meeting David Helfgott, little reminders of the fabulous food and that oh so smooth traditionally breed beer.  It is back on the book shelf likely never to be looked at again

I have also done quite a bit of work on the family tree.  This really is a mammoth long term on-going project. I had had some reasonable success with my Father’s family and I reviewed my evidence and started tracing those still around in the 1911 census.  TEDIOUS, the census has not been indexed like the previous ones, so basically unless you know the name of the head of the household and/or the address you are going to find yourself literally going through page after page after page after page [524 to be precise for one family] and do not even begin to factor in those with transcription errors or mis-spelled names. I have found all but one, it is going to take some serious whittling to find them, they were elderly by then, no longer living on their farm, so either elsewhere in the country or with a family member and if that is a married daughter … you can see what I mean.

Up until now I had not started on my Mother’s side, I tapped in her Dad’s info and struck gold.  Someone else on Ancestry had already done a great deal of the digging along her Dad’s family name, Howdle, all the way back to 1530.  But filling in the female connections will take a little more digging.  Sadly my Aunt could not remember her grand Mother’s maiden names so it will take some certificate digging [birth certificate gives mother’s maiden name, marriage cert gives their fathers names].  One batch of certificates has been ordered and received and I have census dug most of the line, still a few missing links.  My secretarial skills have produced a sort of profile document on each person, listing life events and census information.  I need to order a second batch of certificates but at £9.50 a pop, the back of the sofa needs to release its nickings first.

On an Irish website I found a free downloadable tree that you an input information back 4 or 5 generations, depending who you put in the first boxes.  No great scandal, one of my great grand father’s was a labourer at a Prison farm in Wales for a misdemeanour, it is my Dad’s side that has the convicted murdered, county cricketer and professional footballer they also spread themselves about the country.  I am still on the trail of Lady Rachel Riley, she who was disinherited from Irish nobility for marrying beneath her [all very Jane Austin]

With the trees I have already done, I should get round to downloading the information from the Ancestry site and uploading into the family tree generator for my keeping and to code up or my web site.

I am sort of planning to see to the web sites in August, but it is likely to be the week after next before time frees up.

Stil, so far so good!


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2 responses to “Projecting Progress

  1. Bushka

    August 3, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    That’s brilliant…..Especially the ‘Family Tree Project’…You’ve li a little spark for me again…also ran into quite a number of ‘dead-ends….Still! It is most fascinating…..Hugs! :)x



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