Can no one correct faults these days?

20 Jul


This sorry saga began way back before Christmas, sometime in early November I do believe.  My brother in law enjoys an audio book and his particular genre is factual based conflict militaria so when we discovered that Patrick Bishop had written a sequel we awaited for its release on audio cd with anticipation and satisfaction that here was a ‘Santa’ gift done and dusted for someone who is not straight forward to buy for.

Copy one arrived, it was put into the computer ready to upload and transfer to his iPod but hang on minute, there is something not quite right here “Hateship. Friendship, Courtship, Friendship, Marriage” .. erm that is not the title on the cover … “Mariah Stewart” … oh good grief is this one of those where the delightful computerised automated system has burned the tracks but printed the wrong covers?  Oh bugger, well send it back.  This I did, selecting that a replacement was sent and making sure that the online form had the full details of what the factory fault was, and also including a copy in the returned cd.  Surely someone would get to see it, after all a multi national organisation like Amazon must have things like this happen every once in a while.

Copy two arrived, right bring on the computer … I slide in disc one …. wait .. iTunes always takes longer when you are waiting ….. slide the disc into the drive and wait a little more …. just a little more …… and ……



Bugger bollocks and damnation, this is the same too!  Have they just set back the one I returned??  What is going on!!  The second copy was duly dispatched and a refund requested.  Once the refund had cleared I reordered another copy.  Copies three and four were exactly the same.  I found their customer services department details on line and politely asked if someone could check this out, and if their copies did not have the fault let me know and I will proceed to purchase another copy.  I took my sweet time, tthinkingthat ifthey had ordered new copies to replace their existing ones I would have a better chance.

Copy five came, I was all expectant.  After all Amazon assured me that someone in their department would check, and they replied that all the information was accurate.  Copy five was returned, along with print outs of emails and screenprints and a cover in very large letters – FAULTY RETURN NUMBER 5 DOES NOBODY READ YOUR CUSTOMERS COMMENTS.

A month later I tried again and yet again copy six was returned.  No wonder it is climbing high in their audio charts I keep ordering them!

New tactic, try, different company, different supplier, different batch maybe?  The audio was being sold by a third party seller – ah-ha action before purchasing.  I wrote him an email explaining the fault I had come across and asked if he would open a copy and insert it in the computer and see what the track listing says.  I added, presumably if it is faulty then he wuld need to return it to his supplier and if it is correct then I would buy it.  He replied “Its all right”.  Woohoo, yes, yes, seven months and the deal is done, job sorted.

The audio book came today ….. ::sigh:: …. it is wrong.

I spoke to my brother in law, we conceed defeat.  I am going to upload the 5 discs [120 tracks in total] rename each mp3 file, and then retype the track/book/author info so it shows properly on all devices.

hang on ….. the author Patrick Bishop has a website and it has an email for him, and an email for his agent …. well it cannot hurt and you never know.  So I bashed off an email and winged it off to them.


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3 responses to “Can no one correct faults these days?

  1. WheresTheGun

    July 24, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    Now that’s funny!!
    I had a similar experience with a movie via Netflix.


  2. amgroves

    July 25, 2011 at 10:56 am

    UPDATE :: I have heard from both the author and the agent and they are both in talks with Harper Collins about why the fault has not been made known and what to do about it .. mini result 🙂

    Friday I sat at my iMac and uploaded each disc, typing the relevant info, all sorted. Needless to say it was not as tedious as I could make out – I is a clevererer little fingy at times.


  3. deleted user

    September 5, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    A good result then – A triumph over the sometimes maddening exasperativeness of modern life – Stay calm, stay clever and there’s always a solution, is a lesson I wish I’d already learnt when, ten years ago, I got my first pc . .



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