The White Queen

05 Jul


Finished this riveting read last night.  Earlier I posted of reading The Red Queen, that was the follow on from this one.  This follows the life of Elizabeth Woodville, said to be a sorceress of Melusina, who did beguile a young King of England, married him in secret and set about tying her family into the nobility for stability and peace.  But there is little piece in the House of York with three strong minded brothers.

Elizabeth is the mother of the two young Princes who’s disappearance/death has never been satisfactorily accounted for, were they murdered, by the Duke of Buckingham? By Henry Tudor? By Lady Margaret Stanley, By the usurper King Richard III? By another.  Was the younger prince really substituted by a page boy so he could escape to Tourna to be educated by his Aunt in the ways of Court and rule biding time until he can return and claim his throne.

The delicacies of how a woman’s status is chained to that of her husband and when he is slain or dishonoured how her world can more than crash but put her life and the lives of her children in mortal danger.

If you are a historical novel enthusiast you will enjoy these books – however like me when you reach the last line of the last page you may well want to hurl the book across the room as both The White Queen and The Red Queen stop so abruptly, leaving so many unanswered questions as to the remains of their days and their undoubted comings together.  At times enemies but becoming in-laws as Margaret’s son Henry [later Henry VII of England] would marry Elizabeth’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth of York and founder the House of Tudor.

Philippa Gregory is rumoured to be writing another Plantagenet era book about Margaret of Anjou.  For now I will have to skip to her Tudor books, they’re on my wish list and cheap ebay searches.

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