Pending Projects

01 Jul


I have a habit of listing topics, projects and jobs on my scrap pad to help remind me [or guilt me] what I am planning, intending, hoping to get round to doing.  So, ladies gents and blogging readers, I give you my list, in no particular order.

  • Vienna Album – stick on the photos and memorabillia in the notebook and write up anecdotes.
  • Family Tree – Input known info into new software, expand searching on maternal tree, prep tree for uploading to my web site.
  • Cross Stitch – start a new project, of what, for who, no decisions as yet, lol.
  • Get the gadget – so I can upload the videos to the compy, edit them and burn them to dvd’s.
  • Make over session – be my gal pals guinea pig for a kake over and a few snaps taken, maybe a new avatar.
  • Blue Boxes – Go through all my old papers, shred/burn/recycle all the unwanted detritus and crap.
  • Web Sites – Add new photos to my site. Tidy and post new stuff on the site.
  • Jewellery – Sort everything and sell the unwanted bits.
  • Clothes – Chuck/Donated those items never likely to be worn again [two person job that one]
  • Autobiography Book – Start it!

No time limit and no order – just a statement of intent to try and get on with at some point in the near/middle/far/distant future.

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