Red Queen

10 Jun


I had not read any of Philippa’s works before and came across this while browsing for something to intrigue me after the debacle of Moby Dick.  The book cover caught my eye, the design looked Tudor-ish and I flicked to the back cover for the synopsis and was pleased to see it covered one of the most tumultuous times in Royal History – Lancaster v York Royal Houses conflict over who is the ‘true’ line to sit upon the throne.

Written during a period where women were second class unless they had ‘good’ blood and Margaret Beaufort had good blood.  To read how she was treated, bartered for and traded as a chattel by her Mother.  How Margaret’s status deemed where she was and how she was used.  That her marriages, bringing her lands and monies in her own right, increased her personal status.  How favours at Court gave her Yorkist ears to use for herself.  How she was betrayed and blighted by that who she should have been able to unquestionably trust is fascinating.

The youthful mind at work, seeing worldly events so very black and white as teenagers do, to see her develop and view her beliefs and her mentor’s [Joan of Arc] own sufferings to highlight her plight.  She holds such conviction that the House of Lancaster, the red rose true blood royal line, that of her ancestry, linked to the Tudors by her son Henry, must, shall be King of England is so driven.

It is well crafted, well written and I have not been able to put it down. I discovered the authors site and plan to find “The White Queen”, the book of Margaret’s counterpart in the House of York. and a whole stack of other novels across this historical period of the Royal Houses of Lancaster, York and Tudor.

If you have watched ‘The Other Boleyn Girl” film, then you know Gregory’s work.

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