All In My Head

27 Apr


Laying snuggled in my pit this morning I brooded over the ‘to-do’ list for the day, which order to attack the postponed necessary duties and mused and mulled a blog post.  The words and phrases sat comfortably around the witty topic headline.

Then I got up ….

Tackled the grubby frosted fridge, did the dishes, tidied the bedroom, sorted the needlework draw, reconciled the bank statement [yeah I am in the black], paid the credit card, made lunch, dealt with the paperwork, in between each task returning to the defrosted fridge to empty the pot.

I am now seated at the computer and cannot for the life of me remember that amusing topic title or the post that had whistled and whirled around my noggin earlier.

As yet I have to wipe out the fridge, put away the dishes, wipe the counters, make dinner, clean the bathroom … should have started the job list sooner but .. I don’ wanna *pout*

The past ten days I have been merrily occupied enthralled and much entertained by stitching.  The ABC Sampler is at the framers, so I started a grey kitten one and did a pictural album of progress after every four hours of work.  I did it in about 32 hours, averaging four hours per day and it is quite a cutie.


To amuse me some more, I completed four little mouseloft kits, they are only a couple of inches square, tiny designs to make card with, taking about four hours each depending on the intricacy.  When I was sorting the draw out earlier putting al the done ones together, I must have completed close to twenty now.  Only 5 more kits left!!  I have not decided yet whether to start a tiger face which is in 18 stitches to the inch cloth, or whether to do a couple of freebie kits from the Cross Stitcher magazine that might take three or four days.

No wonder my wrists ache, lol.

Wish i could remember that scintillating idea I had this morning.

Oh well no matter, time to return to the kitchen, start the pasta and clean the fridge.


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2 responses to “All In My Head

  1. Ms Galore

    April 30, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    what is the difference between cross stitch and needlepoint?
    How were your skills attained?

    PS- Cute Pussy!!….(and I mean that in the most innocent way)


    • amgroves

      May 1, 2011 at 1:40 pm

      In cross stitch the stitches look like crosses XXX or half crosses \\ or sometimes fractional where it covers various quarters of the cross λ .. there can also be added additional embroidery style stitching such as french knots or couching stitches, algeran stars, blanket stitches or you can add charms, beads and sequins to enhance the piece. The piece can be sewn on any fabric. I have stitched on Irish linen O_o more often the kits use a cloth that shows the squares more clearly.

      With Needlepoint you stitch just one way and always the same way such as all ////////// across the whole piece. The design is usually printed onto the cloth and you stitch filling the area with the desired colour. Usually there is no additional embellishment and the whole shape of the piece [oval, circular, square, rectangular etc] is covered with none of the cloth visible.

      How did learn all this stuff? I did some way back way back way when I was at my first school [I did say way back]. I picked it up again after seeing a calendar kit I liked in a catalogue, I needed something to occupy my mind after the breakdown of my engagement and the murder of my future Mother-in-law. Some of my needles and floss/silks were my grand mothers. Both she and my Mother did intricate embroidery on household linens.



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