iWeb09 + Bravenet = HEADACHE!!

12 Apr


As I had posted previously I had intended to knuckle down and get to grips with some improvements, tidying and reworking on some web stuff.  Using iWeb to create web pages is remarkably effortless compared to the hand-written html coding of the stcgibb site which I still edit via a html editor.  With the experience of bashing together my own site I felt confidant about tackling the new photo center I had wanted to put together for the site.

Last week while I was moderating the TalkMD board I set to and plugged in the basics, making notes of the uniform settings for all the various albums, tweaking with the album styles, header etc of the main gallery page.  I found it surprisingly easy [thanks largely to my organised file keeping] to move the photos into their new albums.  Across the following three days I worked each album, adding the photo captions, adding some new shots, re-ordering existing shots and generally polished everything all nice and sorted like.  As a precaution [or rather organised business like rule #1] I exported the site to a local folder to save as a back up in two places [first my macs hard drive, second an external hard drive, third mas time machine – no bugger is making me doing all this work from scratch again coz of a magnetism issue or fucked up server].  The hard tedious work was over, or so i thought.

iWeb09 now has the added feature of being able to use it as a ftp client [ftp = file transfer protocol – webbers use them to transfer files from their computers to the servers so browsers can find and read them].  I read the help guide, I watched the Apple support site video, I watched the numerous YouTube videos – got it – ha!  Famous last words, right?

I opened my bravenet account and logged in and set about filling in the iWeb info for the FTP Server Settings, the Server address, User name and password, Directory/path, protocol and port the website URL … checked and double checked the caerful typing and pressed “test connection”.  Nervously I sat watching the little blue line, it did not like the user name, the directory and path.  I deleted the box and typed again extra extra carefully and hit the test connection again.  Again it disliked what I typed in.  I growled at the screen.  Then success it was happy and loaded the test page -yippee!!

Time for the big one – I clicked “publish site”, I waited …. waited …. daring not to touch a single button on the computer … waited some more …. things must be happening in the back ground .. no .. for some unreadable reason it did not want to upload the files.  I growled some more after all it seemed to work earlier.  No, my growling were not enough “fffudge it” I said [or something vaguely similar], quit everything and resigned myself to having to do the transfer file by file the old fashioned way ::sigh::

Mulling over the process while attempting to get to sleep I thought it had to work, the test file worked so the proper files must work too.  So this afternoon I sat ready to be annoyed.  I opened nothing [no email, spotify or itunes, no browser or facebook] clicked iWeb and hit “publish site” and sat doing a crossword on good old fashioned paper and pen, waiting for the same error message to come back up – but it did not, slowly the circle filled as more and more files went winging somewhere.  Okay, it did it – now the ultimate test, type the url into the browser and see what appears.

(_/_) (__) (_/_) (__) (_/_) (__) (_/_) (__) (_/_) (__) (_/_) (__) (_/_) (__)

Yes, it is there and it behaves as it should in Firefox and Safari.

However the thing I absolutely hate hate hate with iWeb is its habit of adding additional folders.  So I had it all set and ready for the photo center to have its own sub domain that was where I wanted all the files to go into, but iWeb adds, when the url is typed in, it directed you to grrrrrrrr  the second ‘gallery’ being the site name in the sidebar of iWeb, ‘index’ being the name given to the home page of all the albums ‘index.html’ being the actual page!  To my old school knowledge these are superfluous it just needs the /index.html

[bang head here]

Anyway, I cannot be arsed to faff about with it any more.  Once I have got somebody to check the url in Internet Explorer and once I know it all works fine, I can set about changing the links on the other 12 pages of the site delete the ‘pro’ photo center.

I think I’ve earned some play time


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2 responses to “iWeb09 + Bravenet = HEADACHE!!

  1. amgroves

    April 13, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    I must say this is all going rather well …..
    – new photo center uploaded and published
    – navigation links changed on the main site pages
    – Update done on the yahoo and facebook group
    – New albums and update being uploaded to my own site
    – I’ve tweeted, blogged and tidied

    Knackered now, lol.


  2. zotaamazy

    July 11, 2011 at 9:11 pm

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