2 projects completed – what to do next!

29 Mar


With the imminent arrival of my Grand Niece/Nephew [just six week to go] I have finished the sampler for the nursery.  It just needs washing, drying and pressing before it is taken to be mounted and framed.   I started it the first weekend of January and completed it at the weekend, the last one of March .. phew no more fractional stitches and no more friggin french knots.  The photo by no means does the piece any justice especially with some of the shades being so light pastel.  Over all I am pleased with how it has come out, I even managed to stitch the ribbon all around the edge and not end up one stitch out!  WooHoo ……

Some time ago, could even be three or four years now, I was taken with a pattern that was in a magazine which I thought would make a very fetching card for a baby birth.  I had stitched them, one pink and one blue [meaning to do a sepia one as well] on the 18 stitch to an inch cloth and finally today I got round to mounting them on a card, ready for when an arrival arrives.


As usually happen when I am stitching a project I get enthusiastic at the start, the drive dwindles toward the middle and slowly picks up again as I near the completion [usually the back stitch stage].  So I am already champing to get started on something new, a smaller piece of a grey tabby cat clinging onto a washing line with the tag line “Hang In There”.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

But really I should turn my attention to the procrastinated web work that needs attention.  I have decided that for the site I am not going to fork out the $$$ for the ‘pro’ photo centre, I can easily put something together in the iWeb on my iMac.  So I have set myself a deadline of the end of April to get that migrated and uploaded.  It is not especially difficult work, the sub domain is already set up, I will have to change the link on the other 12 pages and remember to set a link from the sub domain page back to the home page; all the photos are saved, all uniform sized with a catalogue document of what each file is, it is merely a matter of sitting here and creating the albums and selecting the photos and typing the captions – simples!

As for my own site, now I have finished the ABC Sampler, I can add a better photo of the piece to the album of stitched creations, as well as the other albums I have put together about my trips to Miami in 2008 and Vienna in 2009 and upload all the new stuff.

In theory those two areas are April’s work so that in May I can start, or rather restart my family tree research.

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