Very Green Birthday

24 Mar


Happy Birthday TooOOooOOooo MEEEEEEeeeeee!!!!!

Yes – today has been the 22nd anniversary of my 21st birthday and the day has been alround rather pleasant.  As the clock ticked passed midnight I was wasting time on a few quick hands of cards before heading to bed.  I was woken by my mobile phone beeping, nothing fun just the annoying low battery beep.

Sunshine was bright when I re-awoke, turning over allowing myself a peaceful five minutes before getting up and as I mentally planned my day the phone rang …. which one would it be …… my Sister wishing me happy birthday .  I joked that at my age I had forgotten what I am supposed to do when I wake up [i.e. get up, well it was 10am].  Alighting and abluting I started my exciting day by doing the dishes, wiping the kitchen, making coffee, opening the window, checking email.  My brother in law called and sang Christmas carols at me.  One by one I opened the cards, awing at the cute kittens on the card from a friend and laughing at the card my best friends sent.

You see this card has a story.  Late November when beginning my yule-tide shopping I decided in the card shop to get all the cards I needed for December and January birthdays as well as Christmas ones.  I put them in their envelopes, wrote the envelopes and messages inside and put them in my draw all ready .. mildly smug in my forward thinking.  January arrived I pulled out the card for my bestest bud and set off.  When she opened the card it was blank!  I had, for some forgotten reason, left it when I did all the others.  We laughed about my senior moment and she vowed to send me back the card for my birthday.  She did … and she remembered to write in it too!!

On to the gifts.  My Sister and Brother in law bought me some new hinged earrings and jewellery cleaner.  She had wrapped them individually and put them in a gift bag.  The thing is, the gift bag she used was the one I used to give her her birthday gifts last year [and was one I had over from my birthday last March].

Is that recycling green or what!!

Anyway, the rest of the day I spent flitting about Facebook, Twitter, Emails, couple of games, spent a couple of hours on the phone with my bestest.  I cooked a fantastic spaghetti bolognese, opened a half bottle of wine and snacked on half a packet of whole nuts.  No cake, no candles.

Now it is twenty minutes into Thursday and I should really be heading for my bed.

Scarlet said it best “Tomorrow is another day“.


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4 responses to “Very Green Birthday

  1. gardengirl

    March 24, 2011 at 7:24 am

    Happy late birthday!


  2. pillow talk

    March 24, 2011 at 1:48 pm



    • amgroves

      March 29, 2011 at 3:43 pm

      LOL the pillows have new covers, they’re fluffed and snug!!



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