Barnacle Bill

17 Mar


Another amusingly funny comedy courtesy of Ealing Studios. A lighthearted jape directed by Charles Frend, the film 1957 starred Alec Guinness as the last of a line of distinguished seafarers (their appearance in a rapid sequence, all impersonated by Guinness, is a reminder of Kind Hearts and Coronets) who, in conquering his chronic seasickness, takes command of a static but dilapidated Victorian seaside pier. He finds his plans to rejuvenate as a hotel for sailors is thwarted by the Mayor and other council members who wants to tear it down for their own profit. So he in turn thwarts the Mayor by registering it as a ship, a stationary pleasure cruiser for the seasick. A full-scale battle is waged and ends as the uprooted pier-head, with Guinness on the bridge, so to speak, drifts across the Channel to France, after which he is acclaimed a national hero.

No film would be made today of such a script, thank to the bureaucrats, Health and ‘Safety peeps and our ever increasing craze for bigger better computer generated effects.

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