Loosing Ruben

28 Dec


Ruben ~ 25 November 1997 to 25th December 2010

It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that our much loved family member Ruben was put to rest 6.30pm Christmas Day.

The previous weekend he had some pain in his rear hip, which was thought to be a pulled muscle.  He slipped on the icy paths last Sunday again stressing the same area.  That night his leg became very swollen and black in colour. Monday he was taken to the Vet’s, they could not find anything torn or broken but were concerned about the swelling and said to bring him back if it worsened but they wanted to see him again in a couple of days.

Wednesday he started bleeding and as taken back to the Vet’s, they could not find the source and could not stop the intermittent dripping.  After a joint consultation of Vet’s it was decided that Ruben should go to Animal Hospital near Newmarket for additional tests.  My Sister and Brother in law took him down, he was alert, bright, walking quite happily.  They did x-rays and ultra sound but could not find an obvious answer, blood tests were called for, which were inconclusive but showed his blood was not coagulating properly.  Christmas Eve as MRI was done to trace dye in his blood to see if/where something had ruptured.

The results showed that as well as the heart murmur we knew of, he also had stressed kidneys and leaky heart valves but was in general very fit health, but there was a mass in his thigh.  To not over stress his system further Ruben was to come home for tlc and building up in readiness for another anaesthetic in order for the mass to be biopsy, tested and operated if needed.

My Sister and I were not prepare for the sight that came home, his rear half had been shaved of fur and the bruising from the bleeding was evidently everywhere.  Ruben was happy to see us all, walking well, in good spirits.  It was necessary that he drink water to help flush his system and that an eye was kept on what he peed.  The urge to go was semi constant with varying degrees of success from dust, to drops, to quite a good flow.  We settled ourselves to bed, knowing the next few days would be time intensive care and attention.

Early Christmas morning Ruben started being quite violently sick, he began shaking which was usually his way of showing distress and illness.  After calling the Hospital my brother in law took him back. Ruben walked calmly into the Hospital, wagged his tail at greeting the staff on duty, but we all knew he was a very poorly boy.  Later in the day the Vet called to say he was settled, had had a sedative so they could catheterise him and they would call again with an update.

Shortly after 6pm they called, he was deteriorating, was sleeping, his systems were shutting down but he was calm and unpained but the prognosis was not good.  The toughest question had to be asked and answered.

Ruben was put to rest 6.30 pm.



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4 responses to “Loosing Ruben

  1. Scruffs

    January 7, 2011 at 3:23 am

    He was a handsome boy.
    How is everyone doing?


    • amgroves

      January 7, 2011 at 11:33 am

      Life has settled down to its new ways, there is just something indefinable missing. Ruben’s ashes were collected Wednesday, he is home. His unopened Christmas presents, his ‘good’ toys and blankets were taken to the local animal shelter and warmly received by the Manager there.

      It has been peoples reactions that have touched us most, a none animal lover was brought to tears on hearing the news because Rue had melted them a little, a family friend brought a rhododendron bush for the garden and the girlie who stayed at the house whenever they went away to look after Rue appeared with an arm full of flowers. Even a former boss called when he heard the news. The Vet’s sent a handwritten card of condolence.

      It is the little things, no early warning system that tells my Sister that ‘Daddy’ is home. Dick is missing his company, lol, he has no one to go and annoy for 5 minutes. Those subconscious actions you find yourself doing when mentally busy. It will take time.


  2. Barbara Woodhouse

    January 7, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    Love Hurts, but time does heel, (heal- sorry, I couldn’t resist).


  3. Me

    January 9, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    Sorry again that its been so hard for everyone. If I had known it wouldn’t upset anyone I would have send a condolence card, but I didn’t know what to say or when to say it to them. Nevertheless I did ask you to relay my sympathies to Lynn and Dick when it was appropriate and you felt it wouldn’t cause too much upset. Good to know that others were so kind and caring.




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