Chaos, Christmas, Commotion, Cheer

08 Dec


Tis the season for lists, craziness, stress, chaos, all in the name of Christmas.

What to buy for who and when.  Wait til the last minute for those late offers, do it early to be done and avoid the crush.  What to get the person who is impossible to buy for and will it get here in time.  There is the wrapping, with ribbons and bows, the christmas cards with notes of how this year has gone.

The easy thing was deciding what to get a certain someone, the hard part is the organising it, getting it, hiding it and then wrapping it.  Gotta get the script for presentation in order so on the day the full effect of the surprises will be wonderful.

For once I am ahead with my card and letter writing, they were all signed, lettered, envelopes addressed, even had the stamps waiting and they were posted last Friday – just the family bundles to do.  To help with the postal costs we [the family down here] bundle cards together to the Aunts and Uncles up there, and they distribute the cards to their off spring.  Might try and get that done this afternoon, ready to pass to Big Sis to take to the Post Office on her way home tomorrow.

The hardest thing is not talking to people about the gifts you have found because knowing me I will let slip the present I have got for them.  So many times I have almost blurted out a word within ear shot a recipient that would totally ruin the christmas gifts.

Consequently my general day filling duties have been backed burnered and are starting to pile up and crying for attention.  Add in the cold factor and I am beginning to really like the idea of hibernation.

I am weary, I crave sleeping soundly beneath my duvet but manage only fitful intermittent cat-naps as ideas and “Do not forget” items flash across my mind.

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