04 Nov


This book details some of Max’s rolling sea adventures as the man mortgagees, owners and a like call when the rogues, bureaucrats and general nar-do-wells seize a ship for money.  Max, sometimes called Repo Man, cooly calmly and somewhat brazenly arrives, assess the situation and presto steals back your average multi tonnage cargo ship from under the very noses of its captors.  Sometimes via ingenious means paying a local discotheque to place speakers outside and blast the night away to muffle the sound of a generator and engine.

It is amazing to think that no one noticed a large container vessel quietly floating out of the docks, through the island channels and out to sea.   Or that buy knowing he right people and a can of paint a ship is renamed and a new life ensues.  It is also amazing to think in this modern electronic day and age in some waters of the world commerce and trade only succeeds through bribery, corruption and blatant piracy.

We have heard tales of ships and crews being held for ransom, but I never realised that so often a Port Official decides ‘You owe me money, I hold your ship”, or a European scammer who buys and sells dead ships, operates in such manner.

Very interesting man, doing a very interesting job.  For more peruse  There is also an interesting Q&A page on the site

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