It’s taken days but ……

07 Jun


It’s has taken me days of going back and doing more to finally get my kitchen cleared, cleaned and sorted [well almost].  Back in 2004 I had a new kitchen fitted, complete with new oven and ceramic hob,   Next to the bit you cannot see is a tall cupboard that houses a multitude of sins and treats.  I could not decide what tiles I wanted so the project got left untouched for a few years, and then as always happens something catches your eye and you experience a light bulb moment.  

Nephew was bribed with the task of doing the job [seeing as he’d done oodles at work he was freshly trained] and he quickly did the business over a couple of Saturdays.  Then what colour for the walls, white in a narrow kitchen would be too clinical, a colour too bold, blue potentially too cold, paper too fiddly.  I came across Dulux’s Frosted Steel and splodged a tester pot sample about the narrow galleried room – that was the one.  Sister and Bro in Law splashed the rollers about and covered the walls and ceilings, doing remarkably well to miss the cupboards, their tea, the dog but not always themselves.

It’s purple!  It is true, in a certain light the colour is closer to a hue of lilac purple than grey.  First we thought it was an optical delusion mixed with the old blue carpet.  Final job was new carpeting.  I cannot use lino, tiles or the dreaded laminate floorings as I can too easily slip whether I am in socks or not, whether the floor is dry or not, carpet gives me grip.  Along we trotted to corner Jason at Carpet Right [former Fritton lake in-mate, I mean employee] who fiddled with his calculator and the deal was done.

As I said previously I had spent several days away and so ‘stuff’ had accumulated on the surfaces, dishes, packaging, utensils etc.  I have spent the past few days trying to get everything cleared, cleaned and done.  Usually there is some recycling waitig to go to the green bin or glass waiting to go to the bottle bank on the windowsill [they’re hiding in the washing up bowl].  A photographic window of opportunity arose finally this morning so I snapped the snap.

Have no fear folks, as soon as the shutter shut I destroyed the clean work, made coffee, Tesco delivered the groceries and I am cooking a messy dinner – of course I could have done this dirty dish last night but didn’t feel like it, I want it tonight though ::rolleyes::



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3 responses to “It’s taken days but ……

  1. amgroves

    June 7, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Forgot to add, that big yellow cup and saucer is for the dog when he visits and demands a cup of tea.


  2. Martha Stewart

    June 11, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    Damn, that is one clean kitchen!


    • amgroves

      June 12, 2010 at 5:08 pm

      It ‘was’.

      Normal chaos has been resumed … recyclable glass-ware on the window sill, recyclable cardboard waiting to go in the green bin, coffee jar on the counter, counters need wiping, dishes on the draining board, stuff waiting.

      LOL – oh well it was pleasant while it lasted!



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