I’m taking the day off!!

03 Jun


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The past couple of weeks I have hardly spent any time at home and when I have been home I have been having fun with my Sister, my bestest evererer bud or this wondrous machine on the desk, so basically bugger all got attended to.  When I staggered home Tuesday morning after a weekend of brain scratching, hand sewing injuries and not forgetting the “Blues n two’s” activity [more later] I was determined to get some much needed tasks done .. sometime, maybe tomorrow ish.  I was feeling the effects and just wanted to be still, quiet and rested.

Tuesday was filed with getting a couple of those grotty jobs done, dishes, fridge cleared of no longer fresh food, grill pan degreased.  Wednesday was getting the house vacuumed and then a few “Oh can you just …” type five minute jobs that end up taking an hour.  Come evening time and after a hasty thrown together dinner of a couple of fried egg sandwiches [with ground black pepper and ketchup] feet were finally put up.  Thursday was spent back and forth to the kitchen as I scrubbed, wiped, sprayed and cleaned the kitchen after putting away the left detritus.  I sat down at the desk and made the list of things yet it be done and bugger me if it has not grown – again!!

This morning as I hurled myself upright there was a twist and twang of muscles from the shoulder to the spine and up the neck – OUCH – buggeration.  I was really hoping to get the bathroom done today then all the left-too-long jobs would be taken care of and I could rest in [mental] peace.  This neck agony is gonna be with me for a few days.

Anyway back to the “Blues and Two’s” excitement – all rather CSI Norwich!!  I was up at my buds, staying over, having a girls weekend.  Rach came into the bedroom about 7.30 and said she had seen an ambulance outside and someone from the opposite flats put in – owwerr.  Some four hours later we heard more nee-nah’s and a police car halted outside the flats and a Policeman stepped out and started putting the blue and white crime tape from the end of the building around a non descript bush.  But hang on, whats this, a second larger car and a Policewoman got out and quickly made it known she was not happy with the tape placement and got it redone.

We were all intrigued and were imagining all kinds of scenarios and what could have occurred.

The Police persons rummage around the rear of one of the vehicles and came out with the “five o clock key” aka the smasher, and beefy Policeman went inside, we watched him climb the stairs to the top floor.  Entry obtained.  By now a THIRD car had arrived, all strewn disorganised along the very very narrow road.  As the odd car tried to get past a voice could be heard saying “Nothing to worry about” [how unreassuring].  With the window opened slightly we tried to over hear what was being said, but no joy.

Then the white van arrived, emblazoned with the Norfolk Police logo and the words “Crime Scene Investigation”, the CSi Lady got out and opened the van rear doors and brought out her kit box and put it in the road and opened it!  In the road, I was waiting for some erbert to run it over.  Intrigue increased.

Some three hours later CSI Lady came out with some nondescript evidence bags and everyone including the Detective got in their cars and off they drove, leaving first Policeman there until the Locksmith came and secured the flat.

We are none the wiser with what could have happened in the top floor flat, or the alley at the side of the building or the rear … but whatever it was, it wasn’t a little misdemeanour.

Right, time for coffee and pills, sitting here typing is pulling at my shoulder and neck.

I want a day off – what do you think my chances are??


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2 responses to “I’m taking the day off!!

  1. Colombo

    June 5, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    Well! What the hell happened? …………..


    • amgroves

      June 6, 2010 at 1:56 pm

      We don’t know … nothing on the local news, nothing on local news web sites, nothing in newspapers and no friendly neighbours with whom to catch the gossip from either ::shrug::

      It remains a mystery.



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