IgglyWigglies and Irritations

29 May


Last Thursday something obscure happened to my electrics.  I started having problems getting onto the internet, my phone sounded like I was trying to talk through a sand and static storm and my plus box kindly didn’t record my programmes and had a seizure.  Plus box was sorted by the good old reliable turn it off and on at the wall, but the other two weren’t.

I did the turn everything off, unplug, untwist cables, re-plug, turn on, thing but to no avail, phone still sounds like a sand storm and throws me off internet.  I did the take out the dsl filters and plug in internet, well that sort of worked but still not happy but the twinkling lights on the modem were pretty.  I did the plug in phone and unplug modem and sheesh more crackling than a roasted hogs hide!! Me thinks the damn phone needs replacing … again ::sigh::

So the question is – do I get a cheap cordless knowing it will probably gather static again after a year or two, do I plump for the more expensive digital cordless with the hope that solves the problem for longer or give up.  Option three is a no-brainer.  I need a phone in the bedroom and running a cable through the entire house is not workable, so we are back to the cordless jobbees.  Found a digital set at Argos currently on offer but they are out of stock at all stores around me, around my buds and online – bugger.

Anywho, I have plugged cable back into wall, put dsl filter on outgoing socket of surge protector, plugged in phone and modem, just have to live with iffy connections for a little longer.  Still think my phone line is too noisy but BT will charge for checking if they don’t find the fault with their equipment [nice aren’t they .. we’re not in the wrong that’ll be £70 please].

As for the irritations of the day, it is just little things, the mundane that has a bothersome overtone.  I am sorting the laundry into dark and lights and have to remember that some don’t go in a drier, so no point setting my machine to do both, I have to listen for it to stop washing, to then rummage through the damp bundle and pull out the bra and shirt before setting things to dry.  Second load currently whizzing around the machine cannot remember if there were any do not tumble dry items in the dark load, oh well too late now.

I have back ache, again, in the usual place.  When you put your hands on your hips it sort of follows the line of your thumb back towards the spine.  I am about to go for my eighth pee today, or is it ninth, I know it is a colder day but really!!  I have a couple of computer based projects to do that need a dedicated section of time and not do a bit do other job a bit return and pick up thread type deal.  The dishes are not collected nor washed, the kitchen is not tidy, clear or wiped down, I did remember [after third attempt] to take out tonight’s meat to defrost, the bathroom is a mess, the lounge is a mess – I am a mess.

Offer to escape this chaos has been put forth.. incredibly tempted .. oh that reminds me.

You weren’t planning on doing anything were you precious reader – good oz this may take a mo.

In order for me to stand up under my own steam certain things ave to be in exact position and even then it is a rather precarious procedure thanks to my affected muscles.  The trickiest for a very long time has been getting out the car.  For about a decade I have found it impossible to do from the passengers side [left hand side for you non Uk peeps], but have sort of with brute force and extreme effort have managed to do so from the drivers side.  Until recently.  My muscle strength must have deteriorated just slightly to enable this procedure no more.

Now I am a dead weight to lift, and only three people can do the job safely, my sister, my nephew and Kim.  Getting in the car from my wheelchair is not a problem but getting out the car into the chair is.  I have been looking into these transfer boards, sometimes called slide and glide, or banana boards.  These items, hang on let me go googling a sec ……. amuse yourself in the interlude ………

As you can see, they allow the patient to slide from seat to seat, but there is a problem.  You cannot get a wheelchair as close to a car seat as you can to a chair, bed, toilet etc you have to get the longer ones.  These are around £100+.  I have been trying to find somewhere local that stocks these items so I can see/feel and handle it, to make sure it will fit the job I want it for.  So during a spell of unplugged modem and plugged phone I called three places – all the same – they don’t stock them, they could order one for me [take 4-6 weeks] that ‘might’, ‘should’, ‘ought to’ be suitable.  MIGHT-SHOULD-OUGHTTO!!!  My spreading arse needs a bit more assurance that I am not going to sink into the gap between car seat and wheelchair seat than “might”, “should”, “ought to”. I guess Tuesday I will be ringing round online shops asking f their product is suitable for use with a car.

The thing is I am kind of stuck until I can find a solution as my helpful neighbour really cannot do any more than manhandle the wheelchair.  It is complicated to explain how I have had to do this egress but here goes.  The wheelchair arms are removed, the chair is put beside the car seat.  Wheelchair seat cushion is wedged under my buttock, over wheelchair wheel and onto wheelchair seat.  I swing right leg across wheelchair seat, use my arms to inch my way along the cushion, leaving a centimetre on the car seat, move left leg out of car to ground in front of wheelchair.  Then umph myself so my weight is on the right leg across the chair and not the cushion or the car seat.  By mean of otching [technical term], wriggling and shuffling slide onto wheelchair seat.  Grab right leg and swing it round to front of chair ignoring the scratched pain where the foot rest hinge has dug into my calf muscle.  Yes it does start to feel like you’re doing the splits sitting down, but also that feeling of doing the splits and any second you’re gonna slip to the floor and bend yourself into hospitalised traction!

I hate my disease, and I hate the organisations designed to ‘help’ pfffttttt!!!!!

Guess what ….. I need ANOTHER wee ::rolleyes::


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4 responses to “IgglyWigglies and Irritations

  1. Nurse Betty

    July 11, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Does your disease leave you with numbness or tingling?
    Do you have full feeling in your appendages?


    • amgroves

      July 13, 2010 at 11:18 am

      Yes I do get numbness and tingling, usually in my hands, feet, legs.

      As of late I have reduced sensation along my left hand and down my little finger. If you run your hand across your nail the sensation is less accute, that is what my hand and finger is like.

      If I sit upright with my legs straight out infront of me then within 30 seconds I will start to go numb and get that pins and needles sensation.

      I also sometimes get muscle strain for no apparent reason. Sometimes if I am laying flat on my beck spread eagled and I happen to sneeze that will cause my back to ache.


  2. Windy

    July 13, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    If I was laying flat on my back spread eagled and I sneezed, I would fart!!



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