Easily Sidetracked

24 May


That has been the essence of my days, easily side-tracked. Ohh just one more game of Mahjong, has anyone posted of FaceBook, whats been blogged about.  With the sudden prospect of warmer weather and a best bud available to get up to mischief with I easily let slide the bits and oddments of errands, tasks and jobs that I should have already seen to.  Consequently when I sat at my desk this morning with coffee steaming and started the ‘remember about’ list it quickly filled one note book page and seemed to have a desire to do so with page two – this is ridiculous!

I don’t have much of anything going on.  I am an at-home person, I am not able to go out to work, heck I literally cannot get myself out the front door [not a phobia thing, it is a disability thing].  I am not an at home industrialist or enthusiastic hobbyist so what did this great list consist of?  Boring things like

  • Check Bank Statement [I do a monthly reconciliation so i know where my money is flowing – out usually]
  • Pay one credit card – it only has two transactions a year because the stupid site cannot amend payment details
  • Pay main credit card – after checking statement online
  • Return emails to let me see, 1.. 2.. 4.. five friends [how did I get this far behind]
  • Post a blog
  • Research transfer boards, where to get, costing etc so I can shuffle out the car better than using an unreliable cushion
  • Sort the trash, bin the recycling, bag the trash
  • Rummage through fridge and dispose of items as necessary
  • See if is now accepting that promo code or just forget it
  • Open three days worth of mail [recycle junk, trash envelopes]

The side tracking started – window cleaner came, wrote his cheque and natted about weather and the usual small nothing talk.  Two hours worth of intermittent internet connection, listen to static crackling on phone line, consider having a repeated useless convo with BT … ahh luncheon … I deserve a break, flick through cross stitching mag and do the crossword [badly] and sudoku [quickly].  A spot of mindless daydreaming as I see the dust and crumbs left by the gerbils.


Ahh internet back, best show willing and try and get some things done today.  Email from a friend wanting to come visit for a gossip one afternoon.  Oww I am popular, viagra nope, cheap pharmaceuticals nope, long lost deceased relative left me cash just send bank details thats a hell no, young Nigerian like a ‘very pletry lardie’ deluded blind idiot nope.  Bestest bud emails with a query and a favour, thats far more fun than cross checking bank transactions.

9.30pm I almost have a clear desk and all the above has been done.  I wanted to watch something on 4od but its streaming haphazardly which is a bugger, might try again or go to bed with a book … oh bugger bugger damn blast and dash-it I was going to borrow that Stephen Fry book from Kim, oh well Roald Dahl it is!


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4 responses to “Easily Sidetracked

  1. Allan Funt

    May 28, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    Hey AM- did you sneak a picture of me at my computer?


    • amgroves

      May 29, 2010 at 1:23 pm

      LOL maybe .. but I don’t see no whittling tools or a big red box of newspapers :o)


  2. Me

    May 29, 2010 at 7:50 am

    Well there are more nifty times ahead if you fancy coming over tomorrow and spending the night and following day. Rich is off to cricket the Sunday and Monday in Cardiff. I’m trying to keep ya busy! Plus Rachel could use some advice on this dress business. I’m not good at dressmaking and YOU are. Love ya! KAA


    • amgroves

      May 29, 2010 at 1:25 pm

      Hello ‘Me’,

      The more I can successfully complete on the “Get-Done-And-Properly” list the more likely I will :o)



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