Guests departing

19 May

Tomorrow my numerous guests are going home 😥 Whilst having this amusing distraction has been fun. No Kim I do not want any of my own!

The boys appeared hurridly when the man from Tesco arrived, I think they were looking for signs of veggy treats or wanted to pass comment upon my edible purchases.


With that earning them nothing, they went onto full emotional blackmail by applying their cute faces.


How can an Aunty resist?   And to make sure I got the full effect of their brotherly love …..


So after a sunflower seed or four each, I rummaged through their feed for a couple of peanuts and then went and got a couple of sheets of kitchen paper towel for them to destroy and merrily chuck the bits and dust all over my desk/hifi/table/speaker/floor.

Utoh .. can they read, one is sitting on the top floor of the gerbilarium eyeing me suspiciously.

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