Violet joy

17 May


For the past couple of weeks I have been looking after my bud’s four African Violet plants [along with her two gerbils].  Two of her plants she bought a couple of years ago from a nursery and they have been happy healthy specimens, reminiscent of the ones her late Mother used to grow.  Earlier this year Kim found two more some what neglected sorrowful looking pair at a charity shop and these were added to her successful collection.

Before she departed for sunnier skies one of them showed signs of just maybe thinking about budding.  Now I am a nervous plant person, I can and have killed air-plants, I think I could even kill silk ones!  As whenever you’re given temporary custody of a treasured item you wish and hope nothing would befall them.  But to my delight they seem to have been most happy and settled with my care.

Today when I went to stroke their leaves and give them a check I was delighted to see how far this new attempt at budding had progressed, loads of new buds I am rather chuffed and looking forward to returning them to Kim with triumphant glee.

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