Suffering temperatures

13 May


All week I have been suffering, and I do not use that word lightly, with the temperatures or the distinct lack there of.  The average for this time of year in our region is between 14/16 ºC [57/61ºF] so you can see it is a pretty significant drop.

Today I am encased in my elasticated back brace and cotton undies, and covered with heavy weight jog bottoms and long sleeved woollen jumper, the heating is on [still] and yet I sit here on the verge of shivvering.  I am about to waddle through to the bedroom and grab my thick woollen shrug or cardigan to put on as well.  Part of this coldness is caused by my hands, they are currently feeling that kind of cold that creeps up the bones and refuses to warm, this is something happening more and more and especially after I have had my hands in warm water.

Monday morning I had the solicitors appointment at 10.30 and although the sun was shinning brightly and inside the car it was summerly warm but the milli-second a window or the door was opened a blast of icy Northerly beeze cut through to the bone.  Then Tuesday morning when we went kitchen flooring shopping and despite wearing my winter coat, when outside the wind was reminisent of November!!

Speaking of flooring, to my surprise when I ordered the flooring they said they could come and fit it Friday, thats like tomorrow!!!  So this evening the family are descending to unplug and remove the fridge and washing machine, so the fitters can come tomorrow morning, then they will redescend tomorrow tonight to put the fridge and washing machine back again.

It is no good – I can go on no longer ….. I am off to put on extra layers, micro the cozy cub, curl up on the chair and war myhands up ….. ….. oh bugger, hang on , damnit, I should wash my hair .. can I make it go another day … well I am just gonna.

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