Prospects for the weekend

07 May

Well, as things are it is gonna be a rather up down, high low, stress relax, one ::sigh::

Tonight my Sister, Brother in law and of course the tea drinking hound known as Ruben will be coming round for a doughtnut and a cuppa, we will catch up on our weeks gossip, muse over the ever rediculous Earbenders plot [aka Eastenders], be amused as BIL tries to watch Ashes-to-Ashes through his eye lids, lol.  Bless, well his alarm does go off at 5.30am!

Tomorrow morning I will be busy sh*t+shave+shampoo+showering .. then madly tidying the house after tonights reverie in preparation for the Annual General Meeting of the residents here.  Out of a possible 20 attendees there will likely be 4 [and thats includng me!].  So much for getting a majority decision on anything!!

The Directors will want to disuss next Monday’s appointment with the Solicitors, asking whether there are additional question they want clarified following the appeal letter reveived about installing Sky Tv [it’s complicated] and other issues with the property leases.

Sunday, I WILL be laying in to listen to the Archers.  Might see about a lazy brunch before back at the keyboard to either arrange a second AGM or type up the minutes of Saturday’s gathering.

Still my mini-boss has been keeping a very close watch on my work progress.
Photo 3

I was going through about 2 feet worth of old papers looking for informtion on a past decision and came across an errant staple .. not only did it stab me but then twisted and hooked itself into my right index finger .. F%^& did it hurt!!!  Considered suing for industrial injury til Irealised I am one of the group who’d be sued, so changed my mind.

Bugge me it is cold, 8ºC and threatening rain … brrrrr


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2 responses to “Prospects for the weekend

  1. Rodant

    May 8, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    Are you sure that is a gerbil and not a hamster? HE/she looks kinda fluffy……….


    • amgroves

      May 8, 2010 at 10:02 pm

      He’s a gerbil, he is a fat gerbil tho, lol



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