Blood Boiling Benefit Blaggards

05 May

£20,000 benefits so this father of seven can keep his children in video games… and pay his huge booze bill

These damn F*&King articles make my blood boil to the point of apperplexi!!! I FIRMLY believe that state benefits should be capped at the same figure as two adults working 40 hours each per week at National Minimum Wage [after tax and NI deductions] … why such a specific figure? Because by its nature this is the minimum a working couple need to live on, according to the boffins who decide the figure.

It is wrong wrong wrong that families such as these with multiple children should get free housing and weekly benefits greater than the average [and indeed well below average] earning family.  Alright, yes, it is their right to have as many children as they can concieve, but in doing so it is also their responsibility to fathom how they are going to afford to bring up said children.

As for wishy-washy medical conditions preventing people from working, since when has getting leglessly hammered by lunchtime been an accepted treatment for any health condition?  The father does not want to ‘have’ to do what he is advised by Doctors and Society to look after his family himself ….. no, it’s for the faceless Government to do!

A couple of weeks back there was a similar article about a family living in Angelsey, the Father admitted he gave up working as a full time insurance administrator [so got more than national minimum wage then] because his expanding family [baby number six imminently due] received more in free State Benefits [£42,000 a year] than he could earn!! How back arsed is that!!

Well Bucko, that faceless Government is me!  I am a tax payer. living on Incapacity Benefit [a taxed state benefit] and a very small occupational pension [taxed income] ~ no free house for me, no free council tax for me, no free prescriptions, dentistry, orthotics, glasses for me.  These people are receiving these massive awards TAX FREE .. they pay no income tax, no council tax, no National Insurance Conts.

It’s about time this Nanny State got some balls and started dishing out the discipline.

It’s about time people realised that the bank of faceless Government is closed.

It’s about time we stopped paying out to the lazy and system players.

I’m simmering, now is a good time to tackle the bathroom scrubbing, I can putter and mumble adinfernitum.

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One response to “Blood Boiling Benefit Blaggards

  1. Parasitic Excretions

    May 14, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    I hear ya!! I am all for helping, supporting; whoever and whatever, (Give a Hand, Take a Hand) when in need; but there is nothing more loathsome than LAZY, SELF-PITYING parasites who have a boo-boo so they don’t have the strength to work for a living. But these parasites sure have the strength to find a way to suck out money for smokes, booze, computer access and vacations…..



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