The Boat That Rocked

04 May


“Those drug takers, law breakers, bottom bashing fornicators”

LMAO ~ one of the funniest lines from a very entertaining movie.

I have watched this movie a couple of times and although the sub father/son plot is a tad naff and the flood sequence is a little fx, the film is fun and light.  I was not born to witness the era of pirate radio but when Radio Caroline had a resurgence in the 80’s I was and there was something thrilling about listening to a contraversial station. Many critics slammed the film as dull, which for me only means the film is well worth watching.  The use of music of the time was wonderful knitting in well to the story line and characters of the DJ’s.  Bill Nighy is classically eccentrically 60’s British, the DJ’s are cringingly authentic of the era.  Watch the bonus deleted scenes, the Abbey Road scene is amusing but by far discovering the name of Sir Alaister’s secretary along with the young civil servant just adds comic genius to the absurdity of laws and attitudes designed to steer us from profamity and immorality, only in a British semi-satirical film would you get civil servants called Twatt and Clitt!!  Brannagh portrayed beautifully the typical upper middle classed establishment ambassador who labeled anything young, modern and forward thinking as the devil at work.

Now children, don’t laugh but yes Granny and Granddad really did wear clothing that vibrant, that strange, and yes the skirts and dresses were that short [gawd I feel ancient now].

This movie is going on my christmas dvd list. I am trying to decide whether to download the OST from iTunes {£8.99} or Amazon downloads [£5.97}, or get the cd .. gotta watch it again because I have got to discover the name of that one track that is bugging me.

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